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mix: so mind the floor boards

title. so mind the floor boards
summary. for when the ghosts in your bedroom no longer scare you
format/size. mp3/zip, 96mb
notes. Heavily inspired by Getting By by Howard Hall. Photography in banner by Katherine White.

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bon iver - "woods"  
i'm up in the woods, i'm down on my mind

mazzy star - "into dust"  
i could feel myself growing colder

múm - "now there's that fear again"  
float down stream to us

beach house - "tokyo witch"  
in the hallways they're lying there

elliott smith - "needle in the hay"  
i'm taking the cure so i can be quiet whenever i want

cat power - "cross bones style"  
come and rescue me 'cause you have seen some unbelievable things

lovers - "an army of lovers cannot fail"  
when the highway takes me, i ain't coming back.

ray lamontagne - "be here now"  
don't put your trust in walls 'cause walls will only crush you when they fall

azure ray - "beautiful things can come from the dark"  
though your life has been short, you’ve seen more pain than most of us know

julie doiron - "(untitled)"  
i made promises and i broke them

neko case - "vengeance is sleeping"  
my love has never lived indoors

zero 7 - "in the waiting line"  
do you believe in what you see

portishead - "mysterons"  
this ocean will not be grasped

coldplay - "warning sign"  
you came back to haunt me and i realized, you were an island to discover

margot & the nuclear so and so's - "skeleton key"  
my dire affliction i'll attribute to you

sia - "rewrite"  
i'll slip through your hands; i am one single grain of sand

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[personal profile] sourcherry 2009-11-13 08:35 pm (UTC)(link)
I see many songs I love over this post, which means that I'm curious to hear those I don't know, since we seem to have similar music taste! :)